Giving Hope...

is the greatest gift.

We want to help

We are a small charity hoping to reach as many children as we can. For the last 3 years since we started, smiles we bring to children drives us to try harder for next year.

With your support

Hope for Christmas exists thanks to volunteers who organise and run fundraising events and to you, the public, who generously give and support our efforts.

We deliver our gifts

We work hard with volunteers and partners both in the UK and Ecuador to make “fundas de caramelos” (bags of sweets) and distribute them in the poorest communities of Ecuador. We expand every year.

Hope for Christmas

What we do

We at Hope for Christmas really believe that a child has the right to have a moment of happiness and hope. It is a tradition in Ecuador for all children, no matter the social class, to receive a Christmas Bag (filled with all type of candy) but as there are still a lot of children living in extreme poverty even this can be a luxury. That’s where we help.

It may not seem a big deal but what we do is a life changing experience (like an experience when I was a child and lived in the slums of Quito). We believe that out of all the smiles are a few who will continue this deed. Poverty be part part of their lives but this gift of happiness and hope will be a cherished memory forever.


The Hope for Christmas team and our volunteers put in the hard work because of your support. Your kind words and cheers encourages us but your contributions makes a difference to lives. Sponsor any of our fundraising event we organise throughout the year and help make a child’s Christmas a bit more magical.


No good deed is too small. Let family and friends know about us, share our social pages and website and make our cause known. Want to get more involved? Think about organising a fundraiser, whether you want to run for our charity, sell cakes or sing and dance. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us and we will help you get the resources to get it done.