Hermel Tony Gallardo – Folkestone 10k Coastal 2016

Folkestone 10k Coastal 2016
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Hermel Tony Gallardo – Folkestone 10k Coastal 2016

Welcome the Hermel Tony Gallardo – Folkestone 10k Coastal 2016 Donation page for Hope for Christmas. You can sponsor the Folkestone 10k Coastal 2016 run here. Click “Donate now” and sponsor your runner.

The Folkestone Coastal 10k has been a traditional run among the Hope for Christmas team since the start. Friends and family travel to the coastal town of Folkestone to participate or provide moral support. This year is no different, 2016 will have more runners than ever before and all to support our cause to help the children of Ecuador. Not only does Ecuador have many families living under the poverty line but this year Ecuador was struck by a devastating earthquake and bringing further burden to the people. Many things we take for granted have become luxuries to families; shelter, power, water and even gifts. Your support will ensure that Christmas gifts will bring children symbol of hope and a gesture of solidarity.

The Hope for Christmas thanks you for your support, too see the other Folkestone Coastal 10K runners please see this link.

Hermel Tony Gallardo - Folkestone 10k Coastal 2016

Children of Ecuador

Ecuador is still a developing country, in the outskirts and far from the cities still exist indigenous communities living their day to day lives in poverty. Gifts are a luxury that some can ill afford. But the children still look forward to Christmas just as much as any child in 1st world countries that celebrate it. The children are grateful of even the most humble gift.

Funda de Caramelos

Literally translated as "bag of sweets", this is a traditional gift to give out to children in Ecuador for almost any event you can think of. A bag is filled with a mixture or sweets, crackers and even small toys, every Ecuadorian child gets excited to get his or her hands on one. Watching their eyes light up as they discover what surprises are inside them is what makes it all worth while.


Ricardo Gallardo - £1.00- "Oh look it works"
Cecilia Altamirano - £50.00